Tips For Reviewing Personal Injury Solicitors In Dublin

Are you or someone you know involved in a personal injury case in Dublin? Well, you need to hire the best personal injury solicitors for representation. Here are some of the tips to help review personal injury solicitors in Dublin.

1. Communication

When hiring a personal injury solicitor, you need to hire a good communicator for the following reasons.

• The solicitor should be able to present your case to the judge, jury or another attorney. He/she should use the law to get a favourable outcome on your case.

• The solicitor should provide information on how often to communicate to you regarding the case. You need to be updated about the case regularly. Your attorney will tell you the progress of your case, how long it will take and the costs involved.

• A good solicitor should be prepared to spend time with you and learn the aspects of the case. It’s a sign of dedication, professionalism and thoroughness.

Besides explaining the case and the legal jargon involved, a good attorney should also listen to your case to avoid any surprises later on.

2. Cost

When looking for the best solicitor in Dublin, you need to know the costs involved beforehand. Your solicitor should inform you about the legal fees and court costs with clarity. If possible, they should provide detailed writing about the fees involved to avoid any surprises as the case progresses.

3. Experience

When looking for the best Dublin personal injury solicitor, you need to check their experience. You should find out how many years the attorney has been in business. Also, you need to find out the type of cases the attorney has been handling during that time they have been in business.

If the solicitor is working for a law firm, you need to ask about their professional reputation, awards, recognition and their experience in handling personal injury cases. Make sure they have a good track record handling personal injury cases to count on the best results for your case.

4. Expertise

You need to find out whether the lawyer you are planning to hire is an expert in the specific field of personal injury law. Find out if other lawyers or clients refer people to the solicitor because of his/her expertise. Find an attorney with experience in personal injury law, most specifically your case specialty for the best results.

5. Dynamic Relationship Between Lawyer And Client

You need to go with your gut feeling upon meeting your solicitor. That way, you can gauge what your future relationship will be once he/she takes your case. If the lawyer you are meeting will not handle your case directly, you need to meet with the assistants or other colleagues and familiarize yourself. The initial consultation is very important to set the pace for the entire relationship. If it feels wrong, take the time to find another.


Hiring an attorney isn’t an easy affair. Take the time to find the best personal injury solicitor in Dublin. That way, you can rest assured of the best outcome for your personal injury case.

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For example, if someone were to say to you – “ok, you’re twice over the legal limit to drive and you are driving.Your options are 1. to lose your licence for two years, or 2. pay to your local Solicitor £500 and they will keep you of jail, and do their best for you to keep their licence as well then, of course, everyone would pay immediately.